Cultivating The E3 Challenge

    In 2000 and 2001, we encouraged an increase in the technical content of the Fair with the
introduction of robotics.  We believe that Middle School students can, with guidance from the
engineering mentors already involved with the Fair, utilize control-theory sufficiently to work
with programmable robots.  We see these students accomplishing tasks with technical content
which will take them beyond the present Option II challenge.
   At the 2000 Fair, we demonstrated robotic hardware, showing the kind of projects we
are expecting.  We set up this booth in an effort to introduce all E3 Fair participants to this
new technical opportunity.  At the 2001 Fair, several Option III  Teams advanced the learning
experience by including this computer interface and programmable logic in their E3 effort.
    This effort continues with each Fair and the offering of a new Option III robotics challenge.

     For further details on this growth plan, please contact Dr. Jayanti Venkataraman  at:  or phone 585-475-2143.